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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

-and- Terms and Conditions

PLEASE take just the few minutes to be sure to read over this entire page of
Frequently Asked Questions -and- Terms and Conditions, as all information here
MUST be agreed upon during the checkout process of your order.

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Where can we ship to?

Currently we can ship to most of the United States, except we can NOT ship to the following:

Alaska, California, Connecticut, Delaware, District of Columbia, Hawaii, Illinois, Massachusetts, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Oregon, Rhode Island, Virginia, and Vermont.

FEDERAL LICENSE HOLDERS:  A federal license to possess fireworks is acceptable as a permit.

Please reach us through our Contact Page, or you can send an email to:

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How are shipping costs calculated?
Shipping cost is based on a LOT of variables -- the weight and size of the load, the destination, the truck type (standard trailer for company delivery, or automatic liftgate for home delivery), time of year, materials and process handling, cost of fuel, other deliveries in the area, types of roads and their conditions ... etcetera, etcetera, etcetera!  Therefore, we can only give direct, accurate quotes on individual orders.
We are working with folks that have been doing logistic for fireworks for over 15 years, and trust their ties and experience to get you a great quote for the fastest service at the fairest price.
NOTE that typically the shipping quotes are per pallet, so fill it up as much as you can to get the best "bang for your buck" -- and depending on the products, a single pallet can contain 25 to 45 cases.

Can I get approximate shipping costs?
Understanding the variables listed above in "How much is shipping?", the following is simply an approximate guide as to how much the initial pallet may cost in shipping (additional pallets are up to 50% cheaper):

Estimated shipping fees for 1st pallet per above zoning map:
*NOTE: For deliveries requiring a liftgate (i.e. residential or commercial without dock), add $100 to $150.
 --> Zone 1:  First pallet $200 to $300, Additional pallets $100 to $180
 --> Zone 2:  First pallet $250 to $400, Additional pallets $125 to $240
 --> Zone 3:  First pallet $325 to $475, Additional pallets $162.50 to $285
 --> Zone 4:  First pallet $400 to $600, Additional pallets $200 to $360

Upper ends of shipping ranges have increased with higher fuel costs.
Additional pallets are estimated to be 40% to 50% less than the first, per pallet.
We do NOT inflate shipping fees ... you are charged exactly what we pay.

Hub Note:  Shipping to a shipping hub (freight terminal) can save costs of needing a liftgate on the delivery trailer, but you will need to be able to move all product to your vehicle upon pickup.
Residential Note:  Shipping directly to your home is what most find easiest and most convenient, but there may be a strict delivery window, and the driver may simply leave the pallet on your driveway and not move it into a garage or other covered area (though offering a cash tip may sway them to do so).
Liftgate Note:  In shipping to a residential address, or one without a loading dock or forklift/reach truck, a request for a liftgate is REQUIRED by the freight company.  In the chance they do not have a trailer with a liftgate, that fee is used to cover the time of the driver to unwrap, unstock, and manually unload your items.
IMPORTANT NOTE:  In order to get an actual shipping quote, your order needs to be picked and palletized.  We require a deposit of $50 per estimated pallet needed to proceed with this process.
(Please see the reason and details for this later below under "Why Is A Deposit Required?")

Do you offer free or reduced shipping?

No, we can't offer free shipping -- this is absolutely true wholesale, so there is not much "meat left on the bone", meaning that our sales margins are so slim there is not any way we can offer free shipping, offer such low prices, and still be profitable.
We also cannot offer reduced shipping, as we only charge the actual shipping fees that we are paying.  We do not pad or inflate shipping quotes.

Is there an option for local direct pickup?

Yes, we do have an option for local pickup, but the following specific terms do apply:

1 -- Our initial minimum for a pickup order is $2000 -- this is mainly set to not compete with our importer's local stores and specials, but is also due to our costs in extra needs of the material handlers, extra product movement for storage and staging, and site interaction upon pickup.  We don't charge anything extra to cover these costs, but do require that higher minimum.

2 -- After an initial pickup order purchase of $2000, future local pickup orders can be made for the minimum of $500 for the remainder of that same calendar year.

3 -- Due to internal processing restrictions, ALL pickup orders are also currently required to have a PA Resale Certificate submitted and on file with us.  If you are coming from a different state, or are buying as a sole proprietor, we can supply you the form and guide you through the process of filling it out properly.

ALSO NOTE:  Local pickup orders are only prepared within 48 hours before the arranged pickup date.  This is due to space and logistical restrictions at the warehouse.  So please only place your pickup order a week before you will be able to physically arrive for your items.

Why is there a minimum purchase requirement?

These minimums are set to provide you with true wholesale pricing, we can not have our staff pulling and organizing smaller orders, it is not time and cost effective -- please understand, this is absolutely TRUE wholesale, every day.


Our minimum purchase requirement for a shipped order is $500 -- this is to make the best minimal use of the cost of shipping, as the cost to ship 1 case is negligibly lower than shipping 20 cases or more.  This will help give you the best "bang for your buck" -- the more product we can fit on a pallet, the less the shipping cost is per case.


Our minimum for a pickup order is $2000 -- this is mainly set to not compete with our importer's local stores and specials, but is also due to our costs in extra needs of the material handlers, extra product movement for storage and staging, and site interaction upon pickup.  After an initial purchase of $2000, local pickup orders can be made for the minimum of $500 for the remainder of that same calendar year.

New optional manual list order process -- why would I use this?

So what is the new manual list order process?

Some people prefer to shop from a list versus the online cart system, or even just simply email a list instead of using the online ordering system.  To place an order manually, there are links found at the top of any page to download an order form as either a calculating spreadsheet (in Microsoft Excel compatible format) -or- a manual printable form (in common text format).  If you are having problems when clicking directly on either form link, try right-clicking above the form you want, and then choosing the option for 'Save Link As' (or the option having similar verbiage).  If you want to use the calculating spreadsheet and need software to do so, we recommend the free application OpenOffice, found here: Apache OpenOffice - Official Download

Also at the top of any page is a link for our downloadable price list -- you can bring up this list on your computer, or also print it out.  When reviewing the list, many items' details can be referenced on our website with descriptions and video links, but most new items will have to be looked up using Google or YouTube for performance information. This list will have the latest updated date at the very top of its pages.

Therefore, to initiate a manual order ...

Fill out one of the downloadable order forms, attach it to an email, and send it to us at, and we will start the process.
Once I attach and email my order, what happens next?

We first submit your order for an inventory pre-check.  Once that status comes back to us (this phase can take up to a few business days during the busy season), we will contact you with any needs to make substitutions or remove items from your order. Once we finalize your order with you, we then take and process your deposit to physically put your order together (it can take a few business days before your order is built and the shipping is quoted).  After we get the shipping quote(s), we contact you to go over the final invoice, get your approval to pay the balance, and get your fireworks shipped off to you within a day or two!


Why is a deposit required?  And when is the remaining balance due?

Firstly, NO deposit is required to initiate an order with us -- once your order is submitted, we will work with you to ensure that all items you are looking for are actively in stock.   Items can sell out so quickly that they are not yet updated on the website, thus the need for this additional inventory check in the process.

Once all inventory is confirmed, and any substitutions or additions have been completed, we will then contact you to take a deposit on the expected number of pallets needed to get the actual shipping quote.  This deposit will be applied in full to your finalized order.

So why the need for this deposit at all?  This requirement was instituted to cover our costs in cases where people cancelled their order after agreeing to our terms and where the actual shipping quote fell within our posted ranges.  Don't worry, your deposit is fully refundable if the actual shipping quote is higher than our posted estimated ranges.

Once your deposit is processed, your order is typically picked within 2-3 business days, upon which we will contact you with the shipping quote, or to indicate the order is ready for payment and local pickup.
IMPORTANT:  Once we provide you with an invoice including the actual shipping quote (where applicable), payment of the order balance is due within 3 calendar days (Direct Pickup is sooner, please see below) -- we just don't have the space to keep palletized orders longer than that. 

Orders not fully paid for within this time will be returned to stock, and your deposit forfeited.
So please be sure to pay within this time -- we don't want your deposit, we want you to have your fireworks.

What discounts do you offer, if any?

Our profit margins are VERY tight, but if you hit our product purchase tiers, we can work a bit with you to support discounts for larger orders.  These discounts apply to each order, and are not cumulative over time.

Current Product Purchase Bonus Spending Tiers

Tier 1:  $5000 to $9999.99 -- SAVE 3%

Tier 2:  $10,000 to $14,999.99 -- SAVE 5%

Max Tier 3:  $15,000 and up.. -- SAVE 7%

Please Note:  Although these bonus savings may not look like much, please compare even our base prices with anyone -- we do our best to be the lowest.  We also offer these prices EVERY day of the year, where many other sellers will only give similar pricing off-season or during limited sales periods.

Your prices are awesome -- do you have a downloadable price list?

We sure do, and it will easily show items that are in and out of stock at the time the list was compiled.

PLEASE NOTE that the price list may NOT indicate the live/actual current inventory or item availability, and some items on the list are not posted on the website because they are not currently active.

Please always refer to the website to confirm what items are currently active and in stock, as well as to view the current pricing.

--> CLICK the link at the top of this page under 'Quick FAQs' for to view our latest downloadable price list.

NOTE:  Some systems may "cache" an older version of this list, since the filename itself does not change.  You may need to refresh your browser, or clear this cache to be able to get the latest list.  You could also attempt to open the link in a new tab or window, which may force a refresh to the latest file.

Why are taxes charged to Pennsylvania pickups and deliveries?

We are required by law to charge applicable sales and excise taxes to pickups or deliveries in Pennsylvania.

If you have a proper PA state reseller or tax exemption, please email that to us at:
For deliveries to states outside of Pennsylvania, it is your responsibility to follow any tax laws and regulations for reporting interstate commerce purchases and transactions.

What are my payment options?

For SHIPPED orders, our only currently accepted payment methods are Credit Cards or PayPal.  Payment is collected in full at the time the order is confirmed when you call our payment phone number.  If you wish to cancel or change an order, please contact us within 48 hours when the order was placed.
We accept all major credit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.

For PICKUP orders, the deposit must be made via Credit Card or PayPal, but the balance can be paid in cash at the time of the pickup.

How do I cancel my order, and what happens?

Cancellations of orders before a final payment is placed will simply lose the deposit made for us to put the order together.

Once a final invoice is accepted and paid for, shipping is quickly arranged, and the order cannot be cancelled.  Therefore, no refunds will be issued.

Ideally, it is best to never cancel an order.  Please be sure you want products before finalizing for your order.

If I refuse my order upon delivery, what happens?


It is essential that you inspect all of your order BEFORE signing off with the carrier.  If there are any strong damage issues such as being crushed, punctured by a forklift, damaged by water, etc., -OR- if any items are missing, those issues MUST be noted on the Bill Of Lading with the carrier before signing off on the order.
ONLY A TOTAL LOSS should be reported, refused, and returned -- please contact us immediately if you feel the order is a total loss (call or text, and email).



Once a final invoice is accepted and paid for, shipping is quickly arranged, and the order cannot be cancelled.

If you refuse your order upon delivery, or fail to get in touch with a freight hub in a timely manner, your fireworks will be returned to us at our expense, and it is also very costly to process them back in and get them put back into proper inventory.  Therefore, no refunds will be issued.

Ideally, it is best to never refuse an order.  Please be sure you want products before finalizing for your order.

My order arrived with cases missing or damaged, now what?

It is your responsibility to check to make sure your items/cases are being delivered in good condition.  If any cases are either damaged or missing, you need to file a claim with the delivery person at that time.  Once that is done, kindly contact us with a brief description of the issues and any details to:

I have an issue with items in my cases, now what?

We work very hard to ensure your order is correct, going through a triple-check control and quality process.  If something is missing from within a case, or appears to be damaged or potentially faulty, we will correct any such rare issues to your full satisfaction.   Kindly contact us with a brief description of the issues and any details at:

What is your liability or responsibility after delivery?

Once delivered, we take no liability or responsibility in the use, storage, transport, or transfer of these or any consumer fireworks or accessories.  It is up to you to abide by the proper safety requirements, as well as abide by all governing laws and restrictions.  Please remind any customers to always be safe and responsible.

What if I still have some other questions, or comments?

We are happy to answer any of your questions, and welcome any comments.  This online venture is new for us, and as we continue to improve upon our services to you, we will always work with anyone to make any situation right, as best and as quickly as we can ... we really mean that!

Please reach us through our Contact Page, or you can send an email to: