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Welcome to


YOUR True Wholesale Online Fireworks Store,

With Our Best Pricing On Cases Every Day Of The Year!

Buying Basics in 3 Easy Steps:


Check If We Can Ship Fireworks To You (Or To A Nearby State)

We can ship any consumer fireworks to most states openly -- however, some states will require you to possess either a Retail Fireworks License or a Federal Fireworks Possession License for us to ship fireworks directly to you within your state.

There are also some states that are just not fireworks friendly, and we cannot ship to those states.

In such cases where we cannot ship directly to you in your state, you could opt to have fireworks shipped to a freight hub (or to a friend) in a neighboring legal state, and pick up your order there directly.

CLICK HERE to see if we
ship to your state.


Have Fun Shopping With Confidence And Great Prices

We work on slim margins, doing our best to keep your total costs as low as possible when you combine the price of your fireworks with the shipping fee.


Keep confident that your total cost with us will compete with the best prices of other wholesalers, and we carry some high-end brands that others don't.


We have provided shipping fee ranges, and expect to fall within them, or you can cancel an order with any deposits fully refunded.


TIP : Save more by placing an order with friends to hit bonus tiers and split up the cost of shipping.

CLICK HERE to view estimated shipping fees by zone.


Review Your Cart and

Submit Your "Pre-Order"

Once you are happy with the items in your cart, submit your order, which we call your "Pre-Order" -- at this point, we perform a current/active inventory check on the items in your order

Many items can sell out faster than we update inventory, so this check best verifies all is good, and we will then contact you to proceed further.


No deposits are required for the Pre-Order -- that is only taken once you agree to have your order built after the above check.

Please see the FAQs page for all Order and Process terms, plus:

  • State Shipping Maps

  • Downloadable Price List

  • Local Pickup Option

  • Business Pricing Program

  • Bonus Tiers, and more...


Spend $5000 and Save 5%,

Spend $10,000 and Save 10%

NO CODES NEEDED - Discounts are Automatic!

CLICK HERE to see more information on these tiered discounts,
as well as review our new business-to-business B.O.S.S. sales structure.

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Home: Welcome
Home: Quick Points

How It Works:

  1. Make sure we can ship to you -- states we can currently ship to are found via a link at the top of any page or under our FAQ+Terms Page.

  2. Take your time looking through our inventory, where you can find further product details and video links -- and if you login to the site, you can also manage a Wishlist of your favorite items.
    You can view our latest inventory and prices online, or download a full list via a link at the top of any page.

  3. To purchase items, simply add the items you want to your Cart and submit your order, -OR- download one of our manual order forms linked at the top of every page, and attach it to an email to us at

  4. Once we receive your order, we then submit the order for an inventory pre-check (as many items are selling out quickly through other ordering channels) -- once we hear back, if anything became out of stock, we work with you to make substitutions or simply remove those items from your order.

  5. We will then take your deposit and build your order, emailing your shipping quote(s) as soon as we can.  After you review it, please email us with any questions, or simply call the number on your quote to process your balance and get your items packed and on their way!

Please -Click Here- to review all Terms and FAQs

Quick Points:

  1. We work as quickly as we can to get back to your questions, and obtain and send you shipping quotes.  During busier times of the season, it may take us until the next day to get back to you, but we are on it!

  2. Our distribution is based in Pennsylvania, so state sales and excise taxes apply to any deliveries or local pickups within Pennsylvania.
    NOTE: If you have a proper Pennsylvania state reseller or tax exemption, please email that to us at:

  3. We keep our prices as low as we can, year-round!  However, we do have a minimum purchase requirement of $500 -- this is to keep our labor focused and thus keep prices our lowest, and to also make the best use of the cost of shipping, as it typically costs close to the same to ship 1 case as it does up to 20 cases or more.
    Due to our Eastern Pennsylvania shipping location, we are the most competitive when shipping to the central and mid to northeastern United States, but have had customers happy with our prices and service as far as Florida, Texas, and even Washington State.

Please -Click Here- to review all Terms and FAQs

Terms of Sale:

PLEASE be sure to read over all of our FAQ+Terms Page of Frequently Asked Questions and Terms, as our sales terms and conditions are listed within that section, and must be agreed upon before completing the checkout process to initiate and place your order.  If you have any questions, please email us at:

Please -Click Here- to review all Terms and FAQs

Image by Grégoire Bertaud

About Us

Located in Northeastern Pennsylvania, we have been involved with fireworks and pyrotechnics since 1981.  We are true enthusiasts, that also want others to have the ability to purchase and enjoy fireworks and pyrotechnic novelties for all of their special occasions and celebrations.

~ ~ ~

After working with so many people on advice, tips, and direction, we had hoped to start a retail and wholesale business in 2020. The pandemic hit JUST as we were looking to secure a facility and finalize talks with local code officials, and things ultimately fell through with that direction.

~ ~ ~
SO, we counted our blessings, stepped back, and with the data, connections, and drive we have for pyro, we developed this site.
It has been a long journey, and lots of hours for this drastic change in direction so close to the busiest time of the season, and we thank all fellow pyros, for all for your continued support of everything fireworks!

Home: About

Dates Of Operation

We conduct business most days of the year,

and will post any blackout dates clearly within the site.

We need to take a vacation once in a while, too. 

Home: Opening Hours
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